June 2, 2010

Donate Your Wedding Dress For Cancer Research

I came across this wonderful charity that I just had to share. The Bride's Project is located in Toronto, Ontario. They depend on the generosity of brides to donate their wedding dresses so that other brides may have the opportunity to purchase the dress (talk about an environmentally friendly way to recycle your dress and have someone else enjoy your dress as much as you did!) and all of the proceeds go towards the Canadian Cancer Society and the Breast Cancer Foundation. So whether you reside in the Toronto area and are looking for a gently used dress for your big day for a charitable cause, or you would like to donate your dress (you can ship from anywhere in Canada), visit their wonderful website for more information.


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May 26, 2010

Wedding Music Lists & Suggestions

Whether you choose a Band, DJ, or Ceremony Musician, music is an essential part of your big day. For a successful party, music must be tailored to your particular group or occasion. Most DJ's will play to their audience. What a DJ plays at a high school dance is going to differ quite a bit from a wedding and experienced DJ's do not plan each song that will be played in advance. Our DJ's pride themselves on their ability to read the crowd and keep them dancing all night long while filtering in the requests that he has received from the guests throughout the evening

Obviously, there will probably be at least one special song that you absolutely have to have played at your wedding for your first dance as husband and wife. You will also probably want to choose music for the father/daughter and mother/groom dances. Of course at this point you might start drawing a blank which is why we've put together some tips & suggestions which you can access by clicking on the links to the right. Our clients can even choose music from our online music library. You may even want to throw in a few ideas for great dance songs but beyond this, most dj's are quite talented at choosing music that both sets the mood and gets the party hopping.

» Choosing Your Ceremony Music

» Ceremony Music Suggestions

» Grand Entrance Song Suggestions

» Cake Cutting Song Suggestions

» Tips for Choosing Your First Dance

» Songs For Bridal Party

» Father/Daughter Dance Suggestions

» Mother/Son Dance Suggestions

» Bride/Brother Dance Suggestions

» Songs For Bouquet/Garter Toss

» Last Dance Songs

» Top 200 Requests

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April 14, 2010

Your Wedding First Dance As A Married Couple

It's your first dance as a married couple on the dance floor... Your wedding dress is absolutely stunning. his tuxedo impeccable...Everyone is watching and you both know you look awesome together...You're so happy you're glowing!!!

You don't have to be a great dancer to pull off a great first wedding dance! A little planning and some practice and you'll be the toast of the dance floor!

Here's a few suggestions for you to help you pull it off!
•Let your first dance you've chosen reflect your love for each other.
• Pick a song that keeps a consistent beat throughout the song.

• Select a song that is less than 3 minutes long. Two or two and a half minutes for your first dance is just right.

• Use a CD to practice dancing to your First Wedding Dance

• If you can't dance, Take some wedding dance lessons!

•  Make your First Dance photographically interesting so that you will end your wedding day with Video and Still photo's you will be proud to show off to friends, family, and your children in years to come.

• Have a good idea of the size and shape your wedding reception dance floor will be so that you can practice and get used to dancing in that amount of space.

• Practice sometimes without the music, especially at the beginning stages, it will help you concentrate on perfecting your steps, and leading or following.

• Keeping time to the beat of the music is very important-feel the beat !

• Remember HE leads...SHE follows. (at least when your on the dance floor).

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January 18, 2010

Your Ceremony Music

Music is the most universal expression of joy. From the moment your guests arrive at your wedding site, your choice of music will set the mood and expression for your special day.

Choose music that will compliment the atmosphere that you wish to achieve such as religious, classically elegant, contemporary or perhaps a mixture of styles. Many brides prefer a traditional classical wedding ceremony while others will select music that will enhance a special theme that they have chosen for their wedding such as Baroque, New Age, Classical, Jazz or Scottish, Irish or Celtic.

Wedding Songs Instrumental

If you are being married in a church it is always wise to check out the music policies with the music staff to avoid disappointment. Protestant churches usually allow a mixture of popular and religious music. Some Catholic clergy may ask that you avoid popular music in favor of religious selections and hymns sung at regular masses. For Jewish weddings, secular music, including the usual wedding marches, is permitted at many Reform and Conservative weddings, but Orthodox rabbis may prefer you use only traditional music.

If your church has no restrictions regarding the type of music you can choose for your wedding, good taste should always prevail. Many songs which are "hits" at the moment, do not last in popularity beyond a few months. It would be best for those selections to be played or sung at your reception. Ask yourself: Will the music I choose from my wedding today be the memory I want in the years to come?

There are generally five categories of music at wedding ceremonies:

The pre-wedding or "Prelude" music sets the theme for the actual ceremony. This usually begins approximately thirty minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to begin while guests are being seated. The music selections are often light and lively, and played in a low volume allowing guests to converse.

Music for the entrance of the Bridesmaids is usually more formal, and presented at a higher volume than the pre-ceremony music. Although marches are popular, other beautiful classical selections such as Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" and Pachabel's "Canon In D" are often selected.

The first notes of the "Processional" music announce the arrival of the Bride and inform the guests to stand! Because of this, processional music should be joyful and triumphant. Wagner's "Here Comes The Bride" is the overwhelming choice of Brides to enter their wedding ceremony area. Brides who are marrying for the second time or more often select a less formal musical selection.

During the ceremony, a soloist may sing or play a musical instrument just before the actual wedding vows begin. This is called the "Interlude" Music. Sometimes a reading by a guest may substitute for music. This activity allows the Bride and Groom time to pause, catch their breath, and more fully enjoy the moment!

The "Recessional" music usually begins immediately after the officiant introduces the new couple to the guests as husband and wife. Like the processional, this music is generally joyful and triumphant. It is often accompanied with the ringing of church bells or chimes. Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" is the music selection chosen by most newlyweds at the conclusion of their wedding ceremony.

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