May 26, 2010

Wedding Music Lists & Suggestions

Whether you choose a Band, DJ, or Ceremony Musician, music is an essential part of your big day. For a successful party, music must be tailored to your particular group or occasion. Most DJ's will play to their audience. What a DJ plays at a high school dance is going to differ quite a bit from a wedding and experienced DJ's do not plan each song that will be played in advance. Our DJ's pride themselves on their ability to read the crowd and keep them dancing all night long while filtering in the requests that he has received from the guests throughout the evening

Obviously, there will probably be at least one special song that you absolutely have to have played at your wedding for your first dance as husband and wife. You will also probably want to choose music for the father/daughter and mother/groom dances. Of course at this point you might start drawing a blank which is why we've put together some tips & suggestions which you can access by clicking on the links to the right. Our clients can even choose music from our online music library. You may even want to throw in a few ideas for great dance songs but beyond this, most dj's are quite talented at choosing music that both sets the mood and gets the party hopping.

» Choosing Your Ceremony Music

» Ceremony Music Suggestions

» Grand Entrance Song Suggestions

» Cake Cutting Song Suggestions

» Tips for Choosing Your First Dance

» Songs For Bridal Party

» Father/Daughter Dance Suggestions

» Mother/Son Dance Suggestions

» Bride/Brother Dance Suggestions

» Songs For Bouquet/Garter Toss

» Last Dance Songs

» Top 200 Requests

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